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Secure ID offers many safety products including customized Autism Awareness cards, Write on cards,
and buttons to show your support.

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Are Your Loved Ones Protected by LifeVac?


Are Your Loved Ones Protected by LifeVac?

Peace of mind wherever you go

Custom allergy, medical alert, and emergency cards for you and your loved ones

Advocate for Your Safety

Ensure your safety when ordering food by presenting an Allergy Alert Card to the chef.

Communicate Your Needs

When you can’t speak for yourself, Medical ID Cards can help you communicate when it counts the most.

Prepare for Emergencies

Improve your odds of survival with the LifeVac, In Case of Emergency Cards, and Child ID cards.

Secure ID: Pocket-sized peace of mind

In an emergency, details can be a matter of life or death.

Share critical details quickly with a custom Secure ID badge or card.

Security that fits in the palm of your hand.

You (or your loved one) can carry Secure ID anywhere.

Severe Allergy or Medical Needs

List allergies and emergency contact information for immediate, appropriate care.

Missing Person

Show first responders your child’s ID card so they can begin their search right away.

Special Needs

Help people know how to communicate with you.

Allergy Alert Cards

In the US, more than 50 million individuals, including adults and children, suffer from different types of allergies. Don’t let fear of allergic reactions prevent you from living your best life. Ensure peace of mind wherever you go. An allergy alert card accurately informs first responders of your medical history, which can help prevent life-threatening allergic reactions.


Allergy alert cards list your or your loved ones’ allergies, whether they’re mild or severe. They ensure that first responders know other important details, such as any other medical conditions and your contact information. This is especially important if you’re unable to speak or communicate clearly in an emergency or while you’re experiencing an allergic reaction.

Our allergy alert cards are made right in our shop using durable, American-made materials. Each card is portable and can fit in standard wallets. They’re waterproof and use smudge-proof ink to further ensure longevity.

Customize your card today to make sure it includes the most crucial information. Or, order a write-on version

Food Allergy Cards

According to Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), 32 million Americans are affected by potentially life-threatening food allergies. Food allergy reactions send someone to the ER every three minutes!


Food allergies can keep you from enjoying your meals, especially when you’re dining out. Even a small amount of allergy-causing ingredients in a meal can trigger symptoms and reactions. While some of these reactions may be mild, others can be serious and dangerous.

How can you stay safe from food allergens while eating out?

Explaining your allergies to your server or the chef is a good place to start. However, there’s still a risk of miscommunication between your server and the chef. That’s why people with food allergies carry a “chef card” or “food allergy card.” Doing something as simple as bringing a chef card with you can help prevent allergic reactions and keep you and your loved ones safe.


An allergy alert card or a chef card can help you communicate your food allergies to chefs, servers, and managers when you’re dining out. It can help prevent any miscommunication by providing a convenient way of informing restaurant personnel about your allergies, ensuring your safety when dining out.


Our food allergy chef cards are custom-designed and made in the USA. Each food allergy wallet card easily fits in standard wallets and is made from durable and locally-sourced materials. Additionally, using a fine-tip marker, you can write down all of your specific food allergies on the back of the card for enhanced personalization.


When you’re eating out, simply hand over your food allergy card to the restaurant staff so they can take all the necessary precautions.


Don’t let allergies stop you from enjoying your time with family and friends. Get your custom food allergy card today.

Medical Alert Cards

Medical alert cards ensure that relevant medical information is easy to find and accessible in case of emergencies or if you’re unable to communicate your needs or concerns. These cards should ideally include medical conditions or allergies you may have, medications you’re taking, medical devices you’re wearing, and other important life-saving health information.

Medical cards should also contain special instructions and emergency contact information. Medical alert cards can speed up emergency and medical response and help save lives.

Order your customized medical wallet card today to ensure you and your loved ones’ safety in case of emergency.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Cards

When emergencies happen, having the right information can expedite medical response and help save lives.


In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards provide vital information about the carrier’s health, giving first responders access to key health information when it matters most.


An ICE card should include:

  • Blood type
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Other medical concerns, such as low platelet count, autism, diabetes, etc.
  • Medical devices
  • Family’s contact details
  • Medical provide contact details

Storing your medical information on your phone can be helpful, but it may actually hamper medical aid when disaster strikes. Your phone may not be charged, your information could be inaccessible and password protected, and first responders or medical staff may not think to look for it on your phone.


Carrying a medical wallet card with you wherever you go helps responders quickly and easily contact your loved ones in emergencies. It’s easily identifiable and clearly communicates what first responders need to know about your or your loved ones in case of an emergency. It also prevents miscommunication or mix-ups, especially if you’re unconscious or unable to talk.


Be better prepared for emergencies. Purchase your customized ICE medical card now.


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Child ID Cards

Your child’s safety is your number one priority. As a parent or grandparent, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep your child safe. Give your child an ID card that includes their current photo, important personal information, descriptive information, and your contact details. Each child ID card is created in pairs: one for the child and one for you.

Benefits of a Child ID Card

  • Helps law enforcement officers look for and find missing children
  • Communicate a child’s special needs
  • Provides key medical information
  • Ensures the child knows how to get in touch with you if he or she is lost
  • Shares other important notes that you may have in case you’re separated from your child
  • Saves time by communicating accurate information

Why Child Safety ID Cards?

Child safety ID cards were our first products almost 20 years ago. Our idea for child ID cards stemmed from our experience in responding to missing children cases. Distraught parents and guardians were unable to provide even basic descriptions of their children.


We believe that child safety ID cards and kids’ emergency contact tags are essential to protect our children by giving information to law enforcement as quickly as possible. This is why we’ve designed our cards to be long-lasting, easy to read, and quickly identifiable.

What to Include on a Child ID Card:

  • Child’s name and nickname
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Address
  • Parent’s name
  • Parents’ contact details
  • Additional notes

These cards can be used to give people such as police, store employees, and first responders a quick reference of critical identifying information when a child goes missing and can offer important emergency contact information during unforeseen events.


Keep your children safe and equip them with their very own child safety ID or ICE card.


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Pet ID Cards and Tags

Your pets are an important part of your family. Make sure that your pets have their own ID cards or tags.


Our pet ID cards and tags contain your pet’s important identification information, such as their name, breed, weight, your contact details, allergies and medical information, and their vet’s contact details.


These cards can help speed up the search for missing pets and ensure that they’re safe, even if they are found far away from home.


Our pet ID cards and tags are made from durable and waterproof materials. They’re handy and can easily fit in any standard wallet.


Keep your pets safe by giving them custom pet ID cards and tags.


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Secure Employee Badges

Employee badges bolster your business’s security and provide proper identification for your employees. They can help customers who need assistance find the right personnel. These badges also provide access control in the workplace to further strengthen your security.


Make your business more reliable and professional with secure employee badges. Get custom employee badges for your business today.


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Custom Badges, Buttons, Nametags

Custom Badges and Buttons

Custom badges and buttons are a great way to let others know about your health and medical concerns. They’re also an effective means of communicating your advocacy to others. Badges and buttons are portable, easily identifiable, and conveniently communicate your medical information, such as if you have asthma, diabetes, allergies, or a pacemaker, or if you’re carrying an EpiPen or other life-saving medication.


Attach it to backpacks or purses and quickly and effectively communicate your needs. Get your own custom badges and buttons today.

Custom Nametags

Nametags are essential to any business. They help your customers know the personnel they’re talking to. They can give employees access to secured locations.


Equip your business for growth with custom nametags. Our nametags are made in the USA using locally-sourced materials. They’re also a more sustainable alternative to paper or sticker tags.


Get yours today.

Emergency Preparedness Products

Prepare for emergencies like a pro.


Visit our online store for more details and to purchase these products curated by emergency first responders:

  • LifeVac choking aid
  • DefendMe personal safety alarm
  • ResQHammer car escape hammer
  • ResQMe Car escape tool

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