About Secure ID, LLC

  Secure ID was started in 2002 by two Police Officers, Craig McEwen and Doug Wierzba. Craig worked as a School Resource Officer and Doug as a Detective Sergeant. They found a need for Child ID Cards after responding to several missing children cases and seeing how upset and emotional parents and guardians were. In many cases, they were unable to provide even basic descriptions of children in their care. They started Secure ID by going to county fairs and other community events selling Child ID Cards.

  Over the years the business has expanded to include medical cards, employee ID cards, government ID cards, and pin back buttons. All of the designs are custom made specific to each customer. Secure ID now protects you, your children, your pets, and your business! Craig has since retired but his influence in the creation of Secure ID was instrumental in making it the business it is today.


CEO Doug Wierzba

Doug Wierzba​, ​Co-Founder and CEO

Office: (608) 842-2080
Email: doug@secureidcard.biz

​  Doug has an Associate Degree in Police Science and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration with a Law Enforcement Emphasis. He spent 27 years conducting criminal and civil investigations, including several missing children cases. He is a former volunteer Firefighter/First Responder, Police Officer, Sergeant, and Detective Sergeant. He was a CVSA Examiner (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer), the head of a Crime Scene Unit (CSU), a member of a board that reviewed serious injuries to children to help prevent similar incidents and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).   This experience has been invaluable in the designing of security cards, safety product design and attention to detail along with the design of government and employee identification cards and security features.   He has been providing excellent customer service for Secure ID since day one. Doug can help you get the perfect design for your custom card or pin back buttons.

Operations Manager Brandon Wierzba

Brandon Wierzba, Operations Manager

Office: (608) 842-2080
Email: brandon@secureidcard.biz

  Brandon was practically born into the business and has grown along with it! He has an Associate Degree in Human Resource Management. Brandon supervises employees and helps to distribute work, assists with fulfilling orders and making buttons, and helps with day to day operations such as keeping product inventory and organization. He also helps out at events. He has many years of retail experience. 

Working an Event

Working a Child ID Event in Madison, Wisconsin


Brandon Making Buttons