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I Can’t Wait Bathroom Card – IBS IBD Crohn’s Colitis Irritable Bowels Restroom Bathroom Emergency Medical Card Restroom Access Card Toilet Access Card OAB


Waterproof, durable IBS card. Perfect size (credit card size) to easily fit in most wallets and purses. Made in the USA!

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About This Product

IBS Bathroom Card

When you need to go, you need to go now!

Avoid the uncomfortable waiting in line and having to explain yourself. With the Secure ID, LLC I Can’t Wait card, you can just show the clerk or employee your card to explain your emergency.

Need to leave a meeting for a bathroom emergency? Show this card to a manager and don’t get in trouble!

While this card doesn’t guarantee you a restroom quickly, most businesses will help you when they see this card, including access to employee bathrooms. Cut through the line and get relief quickly, discreetly and without embarrassment.

Take away the uncomfortableness waiting to use a restroom when you are out of your home. The Secure ID, LLC “I Can’t Wait” card is durable and waterproof, we make them out of the same material as a credit card. You can wash the card with soap and water. They are credit card sized for easy wallet, purse or pocket carry!

About Secure ID

Secure ID, LLC is a family-owned, small business located in Madison, Wisconsin. We make almost all our own products. We purchase the majority of our parts from other Wisconsin small businesses and when we can’t, we look for Made in the USA parts. In addition, we hire local employees to make and package out products right here in the USA! We may not be the cheapest, but we make high quality items using American labor and parts.

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