White and red card explaining that emergency contact information is on the back
back of Write on ICE Card with space for a name, emergency contacts, allergies, and medical concerns
Write on ICE Card with written information on the back
Black Sharpie Marker

Write on ICE Card

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This could be the most important card you carry! It is designed to be easily identified as an emergency card with a bright red header that sticks out and is readable even when in a wallet slot. Having an Emergency Contact Card with you in your wallet or purse can greatly speed up notifying your loved ones in an emergency, and for First Responders to quickly have basic medical information such as allergies and medical concerns right at their fingertips.

This Write on Card by Secure ID is designed to be written on with a Sharpie or other permanent marker and wait until dry.

Don't know what type of marker to use?  Add on a Fine Point Marker for just $2.00 more!