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ResQMe Glass Breaker

Resqme® Car Escape Tool, Seatbelt Cutter / Window Breaker

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Over 4 million motorists worldwide carry resqme® – keychain car escape tool, to keep their family safe on the road!

This 2 in 1, safety and survival tool, allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt and to break a tempered side window in your car.

Originally developed for first responders (firefighters EMTs, law enforcement agencies); resqme® has become an essential safety solution for all safety-conscious drivers.

Includes an integrated seatbelt cutter and spring loaded tempered glass breaker. To see if this will work on your vehicle look at the bottom corner of a window and it will show if it is tempered or laminate glass. If your front windows are laminate the back side windows may still be tempered and it will work on them. Have a safety plan in case something happens and teach everyone who uses your vehicle.

Made in USA!   •  Breaks tempered car side windows  •  Cuts jammed safety belts  • Compact, lightweight & powerful!  •  The most reliable car escape tool  •  Trademarked and Patented