Front of Poker Card showing a pile of money and group of playing cards
Back of Poker Card showing all possible hands in order of points
Poker Card being placed in wallet with ease

Poker Hand Wallet Card

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If you are learning to play cards or just don’t play enough to remember the ranking of hands this card is for you!

It is a wallet/purse size reference card showing the highest to lowest hand rankings on the back. Keep it near you when you play cards as a handy reference card.

Secure ID Cards contain information on a sturdy, brightly colored card that will last for years. The information is printed directly to the card. No cheap, flimsy, laminated cards here! We use Best-in-Class printers utilizing a ribbon that prints by thermally bonding to the card. The result is a higher image, easy to read, longer lasting card. Standard credit card size, 30 mil thick composite plastic card measures 3.375” by 2.125”. We use the same equipment used to make employee ID cards so it looks professional.

Cards are designed and made in the USA.