White and red card with customizable emergency contact information
Back of white card with customizable text with allergies, medical concerns, and notes
Wallet showing red bar with Emergency Contacts showing over the wallet pouch
White and red card in croud of people
Key tag that says 'Emergency Contact Card in Wallet' on keys
White and Red card with Emergency Contacts next to Key Tag saying 'Emergency Contact Card in Wallet'

Emergency Contact Cards (ICE) Wallet or Purse Card w/ Key Tag

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This could be the most important card you carry!

It is designed to be easily identified as an emergency card with a bright red header that sticks out and is readable even when in a wallet or purse slot.

Having an Emergency Contact Card with you in your wallet or purse can greatly speed up notifying your loved ones in an emergency, and for First Responders to quickly have basic medical information such as allergies and medical concerns right at their fingertips.

Secure ID Emergency Contact Cards contain information on a sturdy, brightly colored card that will last for years. Your information is printed directly to the card. No cheap, flimsy, handwritten cards here! We use Best-in-Class printers utilizing a ribbon that prints by thermally bonding to the card. The result is a higher image, easy to read, longer lasting card. Standard credit card size, 30 mil thick composite plastic card measures 3.375” by 2.125”. With color on both sides of the card to help your information stand out. We use the same equipment used to make driver’s licenses and employee ID cards so it looks professional. We customize each card with your information. If you are ever injured and unable to speak this card can speak for you. Some people have information on a phone but your phone may not be accessible in an emergency due to pass codes and other security locks, batteries can be dead, it may be damaged in an accident or not easy to find. This is a small price to pay for the assurance that your emergency information is always with you when you are travelling. Get one for each member of your family, young and old. Notes field can be for additional phone numbers, doctor's name, pet's at home, etc.

Includes free Key Tag advising ICE Card is in your wallet.

Turnaround time is generally 1-2 days. Cards are designed and made in the USA. Great gift for your loved ones. Carry this card when out jogging, biking or walking. Thanks for supporting our family business!