Front of white card with phone of a chef explaining that the card contains food allergy info
Back of white card with the text 'My Food Allergies:' and a large space to write them in.
Back of white card with the text 'My Food Allergies:' handwritten 'dairy and nuts'

Food Allergy Card Chef Card Allergies Write On Emergency Card 3 Pack

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Do you and your loved ones suffer from food allergies? Whether your reaction is mild or severe, this safety card can alert anyone preparing your food on what to avoid to help keep you safe and prevent an allergic reaction from taking place in the first place.

According to, 15 million Americans suffer from a food allergy. Our custom designed Food Allergy Card is designed to be carried with you to easily pass on to a waiter or waitress and shared with the kitchen when you are out.

Secure ID's new Write on Food Allergy Cards allows you to write in all of your food allergies with a fine point permanant marker allowing for easy personalization. This card fits well in standard wallets and is made in the USA.