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Emergency Contact Wallet Card ICE Card Medical ID Card Customizable!

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Secure ID is the leading producer of customized Emergency Medical Cards in the US!  Having an Emergency Medical Card with you in your wallet or purse can greatly speed up notifying your loved ones in an emergency, and for First Responders to quickly have basic medical information such as blood type, allergies, and medical concerns at their fingertips.


In an emergency, you may not be able to speak. Let our Emergency Medical Card talk for you.

Make sure your loved ones are notified as soon as possible if something happens to you. Likewise, make sure you are contacted as soon as possible if something happens to your loved ones!


Our cards contain information on a sturdy, brightly colored card that will last for years. Your information is printed directly to the card. No cheap, flimsy, handwritten cards here!

We use Best-in-Class printers utilizing a ribbon that prints by thermally bonding to the card. The result is a higher image, easy to read, longer lasting card. We use color printing on both sides of the card. Standard credit card size, 30 mil thick composite plastic card measures 3.375” by 2.125”. We use the same equipment used to make employee IDs looks professional and last for years.


First Responders suggest carrying a card like this. If you are ever injured and unable to speak this card can speak for you. In fact, our business was started by two police officers who saw a need for such a safety item over nineteen years ago!


We include a free durable key tag with every order. Attach it to your keys and first responders will know you carry a Secure ID Emergency Medical Card in your wallet or purse. The key tag comes with a split ring for easy attachment to a key ring or even a bag or backpack zipper!


Some people have information on a phone but your phone may not be accessible in an emergency due to passcodes and other security locks, batteries can be dead, it may be damaged in an accident or not easy to find. This is a small price to pay for the assurance that your emergency information is always with you when you are travelling. Get one for each member of your family, young and old. Our Secure ID card can give you peace of mind knowing you have put a process into place to help communications in an emergency.