Taking a Good ID Card Photo

Hello everyone, this month we decided to do something a bit different with our blog. At Secure ID, we make a lot of different ID Cards and a common question we get is how do I take an ID photo. Here is a detailed guide to taking a great ID Photo.

Equipment Needed

Taking a good ID photo can be done with any point and shoot digital camera or even a smart phone camera. The image quality does not need to be high for such a small photo. The ability to focus on the subject’s face is what’s important.


Make sure the background is clear of any signs, posters, bulletin boards. A clear cement or painted wall is perfect. Make sure each photo is taken in the same spot so the backgrounds match. Flags should not be used in the background of identification card photos.

*For an additional charge of $9.95 per photo we can change the background to any color you wish

Hats and Scarves

Have the subjects remove any hat, scarves or other clothing that can make it hard to identity them. Glasses should remain on.


When you take the photo be sure to back up enough so that we have plenty of image to work with. We crop what we need and the more you send us the better. Be sure there is room above the subject’s head and to each side of their shoulders, and that you capture the subject from well above their head to about their waste line.

Number of Photos of Each Subject

Take several photos of each subject and let us pick the best image for the ID card. Tell the subject to face the camera with their body and look straight at the camera.